Mission and Values

Having a clear purpose and a mission statement guides everything that we do.
Our mission
To deliver the most desirable products and an extraordinary customer experience.

Our values
At the heart of every successful business is a set of values underpinning what the company stands for and how its employees behave. Get ready to play your part in turning our vision into a reality. 

You can’t ‘create’ a set of values without consulting your people and that’s exactly what we did. We reflected back at what has made us successful in the past, we considered what we felt we needed to help us grow in the future and then we shaped our values:

Our values are Straightforward, Helpful, Innovation, No Limits to Customer Service and Empower and Engage. Our values encourage every person in Bristan Group to SHINE and we are serious about living by them. 


• Clear and concise communication
• Always being open and honest 

• To our colleagues, other teams, customers and suppliers
• Making it easy for people to work with us 

• Understanding our customers to deliver products and services that meet their needs
• Striving to do things better than before 

• Going the extra mile to deliver an ‘extraordinary customer experience’
• Recognising both internal and external customers 

• Empowering individuals to make decisions and take responsibility
• Engaging with people so that we can become a Best Company

Our values are the glue that holds us all together, helping us in decision making, both individually and collectively as a business. They guide our strategy for the future and help us define and shape our culture.